Dorrigo, hot water and the Pacific

A one off session with Peter Lynch of Pelena Energy:

Pelena Energy celebrated its 23rd anniversary in 2021. The name ‘Pelena’ is a portmanteau of its founder’s names – husband and wife team – Peter Lynch and Salena Bryce.  Since 2006 it has been based in Dorrigo. It primarily manufactures hydroelectric turbines to supply electricity to villages, schools, clinics and hospitals throughout rural Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, and Vanuatu. Because Pelena is based in rural Australia and supplies rural areas in the Pacific, trusted relationships and ‘feedback loops’ have been formed that have resulted in increasingly reliable and sought-after equipment. This presentation by Peter Lynch will give a brief history of some of Pelena’s work, as well as discuss the opportunities for Dorrigo to become an international hub for a cleaner future for the planet.  Keeping with the energy theme with a practical outcome, the question of what’s the best way to boil a kettle will be presented.  So whether your interest is in international development, renewable energy, jobs for Dorrigo, or simply having a cuppa, the presentation is sure to have something for everyone.

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15 Jul 2021


2:00 pm


Hickory House
Hickory Street, Dorrigo NSW 2453
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