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About “On The Plateau”

There is more to the Dorrigo Plateau than, well… Dorrigo. Whether it’s a concert out at the Megan Hall, or yoga at Dundurrabin, we aim to bring them all together to make it easier to find.

On The Plateau is a new community service providing a one-stop shop for all events, things to do and information across the Dorrigo Plateau, including the state of the roads, which seems impossible to keep up to date on.

While we appreciate the Dorrigo Mountain Weather Watch and Dorrigo Swap Buy Sell FB Pages, they are a confused jumble of questions and answers, so we aim to make this the place where definitive information can be found, without all the filler.

In order to succeed, we need to be provided with the information, so please please please feel free to send in your events, suggestions, ideas and information because without the community input, there’s nothing.

Thank you!

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Welcome to On The Plateau, a new site for all events, groups, classes, venues and any related information across the […]